How to Start a Business in the Wellness Industry – Industry Health

Over the last five years, consumers as a group have opened up the market for health and wellness businesses, because of their increased awareness and focus on eating and living a healthy lifestyle. In 2004 alone, Americans spent $42.8 billion dollars on natural and organic products that were part of their diet, personal care, and environmental concerns. That makes the health and wellness industry a home business with great potential if you go about it the right way.First, decide what aspect of the industry you want to start out with. It doesn’t mean you can’t expand later, but it does give you a primary area to concentrate on for the start up. Surf the Net for sales statistics on your particular interests, such as herbal supplements, natural beauty products, health foods, and diet products. Try surveying co-workers and members of any groups you belong to regarding their purchase of health and wellness products.Look at your own financial resources and decide how much you have to invest at the start. This can affect whether you decide on going solo, buying from a variety of suppliers at wholesale, and keeping stock on hand, or whether you sign up with a company that provides you with a sales kit for a given fee, and rewards you with a percentage of sales and bonuses for signing up other consultants.The key to how you choose to go into business can be whether you have the stamina and resources to go it alone, for everything from ordering, delivery and checking local regulations for your type of business, or whether you want to give up some autonomy for the support of an established sales network. Some people find it’s easier to go it alone while others may like having a network of people to turn to for support. This is something you will want to carefully consider when you choose your business.

Have You Considered Nurse Health Care? – Industry Health

Nurse health care is a great career. Not only will you help people in need, but you will also earn a fine income. No doubt you know that there is a high unemployment rate. Jobs are disappearing. Computers, automation, and other modern technology are making many jobs obsolete.But this is not true for the health care industry. In fact it is quite the opposite. Nursing jobs are in high demand. As more people age, the need for health care rises. This is a job industry that will continue to grow for years.The best way to find out about a career in nursing is to contact your local community college guidance center. Most community colleges have accredited nursing programs. Be prepared however, to wait to get into the program. There are a lot of people going into nursing. But the sooner you put your name on the waiting list, the sooner you will get into the program.In the meantime, you can enroll in general education classes such as chemistry, biology, and other health related classes. You will have to complete these classes as part of your nursing program, so you may as well take these classes now.If you do not want to wait for an opening with the community college program, you can take classes at a private nursing school. There are many private schools that offer accredited nursing training. Some schools also have placement services that will help you find a nursing job when you passed your certification test.If you need financial assistance to pay for your education, contact the business office of the private school. There are many scholarships available for people who need help paying tuition. The government realizes that there is a nursing shortage and has budgeted money to help students become nurses. Look into the health care field today.